Mathematical Representational Code Switching


  • Michael J. Bosse Appalachian State University
  • Anass Bayaga, Dr. University of Zululand
  • Catherine Fountain, Dr. Appalachian State University
  • Erica Slate Young Appalachian State University


This study investigates representational code-switching (RCS) by considering three high school students’ communications in the process of comparing and contrasting pairs of representations (e.g., equation and graph) in the context of rational functions. Supporting this study is research in the realms of students interacting with mathematical representations, practicing language learning, and linguistic code-switching (LCS). Attention is given to assessing student mathematical understanding based on frequency and type of RCS performed. This investigation concludes that RCS demonstrates either weaker or stronger mathematical performance depending on whether the RCS evidences semantic elaboration, isomorphic and transcendent connections, and domain register knowledge.

Author Biographies

Michael J. Bosse, Appalachian State University

Michael. J. Bossé is the Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education and MELT Program Director at Appalachian State University, Boone, NC. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and is active in providing professional development to teachers in North Carolina and around the nation. His research focuses on learning, cognition, and curriculum in K-16 mathematics.

Anass Bayaga, Dr., University of Zululand

Research Professor
(Neuro-Mathematics & Information Systems)
Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education (MSTE)

Catherine Fountain, Dr., Appalachian State University

Associate Profeessor and Department Assistant Chair
Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Erica Slate Young, Appalachian State University

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematical Sciences