Interactive Mathematics Materials

CIMT Input Tools
In the on-line mathematical tests and activities provided by the CIMT, you often need to answer a question with a fraction, algebra expression or equation. These types of answer can not be entered in a normal input box, so we have created a different way of entering these answers. If you are familiar with MathType or Equation Editor then you should pick up the idea fairly quickly.

The link on the left takes you to a page which introduces the editors, and you can practice using the example editor in each section. After the introductions there is a link to another page where you can test your skill with the editors.

Mathematical Attainment Test
This test was produced in 2000 to provide a method for individuals to assess their own mathematical ability. After clicking on the link, the user can generate a test, either completely at random or by selecting a five-digit number for a specific test.

During the test, common wrong answers entered by the user are recognised and appropriate advice is given on how the mistake appears to have been made.

At the end of the test the user is given a graphical breakdown of how they have performed in each of the main Mathematical subject areas.

NOTE: Once the random test has been produced, do not resize the window or all your responses will be lost.

Primary PGCE Audits of Mathematical Knowledge
These eight audits were produced between 2001 and 2003 to help Primary PGCE students become aware of areas of Mathematical knowledge which they would need to improve on to meet the requirements set by the Teacher Training Agency.

Each audit is randomly generated, and provides feedback after the test about the areas in which the student scored particularly well or badly.

Recently these audits have been updated so that every wrong answer entered by a student is stored in a central on-line database. This information will be used to classify the main incorrect responses given by students so that more relevant, diagnostic feedback can be given to students at the end of the test.

Audit of A-Level Pure Maths Knowledge

Audit of A-Level Statistics Knowledge

Audit of A-Level Mechanics Knowledge
There were three paper-based audits produced in 2002 to assist students on a TTA-funded post-graduate study module "Foundations of Mathematics" to identify areas needing development in their A-Level subject knowledge. The paper-based audits can be found here.

The links on the left are to the on-line versions of the Pure Maths, Statistics and Mechanics audits.