(a) Number and Algebra

(ii) Indices


Question 1
Look at the six numbers below.
Tick the boxes (like this ) under all the numbers in the list which are:
1 64
(a) square numbers
(b) cube numbers

Question 2
What is the value of the digit '' in the number:
(a) Value =
(b) Value =
(c) Value =

Question 3
What is the value of:
(a) =
(b) =
(c) =
(d) =

Question 4
To fill in fractions, put the numerator in the top box and the denominator in the bottom box, like this:
You should leave all fraction answers in their simplest form.

Express these numbers as fractions:
(a)- =
(b)- =
(c)- =

Question 5
The numbers below are expressed in standard form.
Write each one as a normal number, using decimals where appropriate.
(a) =
(b) =
(c) =

Question 6
Express these numbers in standard form:
(a) =

(b) =

(c) =



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