(c) Measures


Question 1
Complete these statements:
(a) kg = g
(b) g = kg g
(c) km = m
= km m
(d) ml = litres ml
(e) cl = litres cl
(f) = mm
= m cm mm
(g) litres = cm³


Question 2
Give suitable whole number approximations for each of the amounts below:
(a) km miles
(b) cm feet
(c) gallons litres
(d) kg pounds


Question 3
A plane travels at a speed of km/hr.
Convert this speed to:
(a) metres/hr
(b) metres/min
(c) metres/sec


Question 4
A map has a scale of 1 : 200 000.
(a) What actual distance does cm on the map represent? km
(b) The actual distance between two towns is km.
What length on the map will represent this distance? cm


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