Journal of Core Maths

Notes for Contributors

We welcome particularly contributions that are relevant to the teaching and learning of Core Maths in Schools and Colleges that review and reflect on

  • Innovative and interesting practice in the teaching and learning of Core Maths
  • Classroom evaluations of Core Maths, both qualitative and quantitative
  • Problem solving in mathematics teaching and learning from around the world
  • Successful promotion and management of Core Maths in schools and colleges

All articles are to be in English.

Two versions of the article should be submitted; a final version and an anonymous version, which will be send to reviewers for comments.

The final article must be complete in all respects, with title, summary, text, tables, diagrams, references, etc. together with a brief author-biography. You may also include video clips to illustrate articles but it is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain any permission needed to use video clips on an open source publication.

The formatting must be as the author wishes it to be seen and the final version should be for use with standard word-processors, including pdf format.

All documents should be sent, as email attachments, to

Contributors should include a summary (< 200 words) of the article, a brief biography about themselves(s) and a photo.

Submitted articles will be sent to appropriate referees for comment as to suitability for publication in the Journal.

EDITOR: David Burghes

DEPUTY EDITOR: Russell Geach


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