IPMA and MEP Online Tests
The Centre has now made online versions of all the IPMA primary tests and the MEP secondary tests. Pupils can take these tests using most web browsers, and their work is immediately marked. Results are displayed at the end of the test and also submitted to our own database for research purposes.
Mathematics Attainment Test
This is a randomised online test designed to assess your ability in 10 areas of Mathematics.
A-Level Audits
We have produced three audits in the topics of Pure Maths, Statistics and Mechancis. Presently the Pure and Statistics audits highlight where errors have been made and give links to where extra practise is available. This feature will shortly be added to the Mechanics audit as well.
The Pure Mathematics Audit is available at
The Statistics Audit is available at
The Mechanics Audit is available at
Mathematics Audits for Trainee Primary Teachers
Produced originally in accordance with the TTA (now TDA), these aduits were produced to help trainee primary teachers identify areas of weakness in their mathematical knowledge. The audits can also be used to record qualified primary teachers' mathematical knowledge and identify areas where they are not as strong as they would like.