About Acrobat

With so many different machines, systems and programs in use it can sometimes be very difficult to disseminate documents. This is especially so if the presentation and layout of the document is important. To overcome this, Adobe (the people who invented the language known as Postscript) devised a system known as Acrobat. This system divides into 2 parts. First there is the part concerned with setting up the document (and this part has to be bought). Second is the part which enables you to read the document - known, unsurprisingly, as the Acrobat Reader. It also allows you to print the document (and it doesn't require a postscript printer - your normal printer will do). The good news is that the Reader is given away for free (you can work out for yourself why that is so).

You can get the latest version of Acrobat Reader from here.

Now the bad news. You know life with a computer is never simple, so you had better know that this is no exception. Some understanding of technical matters is required and so, if you have none, you will have to seek help. But remember that it only needs to be done once and it really will be worthwhile, giving you access to a very wide range of material, not only at this site, but at many others. Some help is available from Adobe via their customer support site. It might be useful to know that all files requiring the use of an Acrobat Reader have the extension .pdf (which stands for portable document format).

Note that Adobe, Acrobat and Postscript are all registered trademarks.