You will be starting an A-Level Maths course in September, and it is important that you are ready for the step up. The best way to prepare yourself is to make sure you have a firm grasp of the knowledge and skills you have already developed at GCSE level.

There are a number of key skills which you need to make sure you are confident with before starting the A-Level course - these are used regularly in the Core 1 and Core 2 modules and it is essential that you are not struggling with basic skills when you are trying to learn more advanced material for the first time.

This set of resources is designed to help you check if you are up to speed and to help you fill in any gaps. If you do this you will put yourself in a good position to start the A-Level Maths course in September.

Skills You Should Have

Below is the list of the skills you should be confident with before starting the A-Level Maths course:

Basic Algebra (non-calculator) Quadratic Functions (non-calculator) Equations And Inequalities (non-calculator) Sine Rule And Cosine Rule (calculator allowed)

These are all GCSE topics so there is nothing here which you have not already covered. Please note, though, that you need to be able to do all of the work apart from Sine Rule and Cosine Rule without a calculator, as calculators are not allowed in the Core 1 AS-Level module.

Resources To Help You

For each of the topic areas listed above, there is an interactive review resource which will introduce the aspects of the topic and then give you the opportunity to try some questions. Even though these resources are online, you should have a pen and paper nearby for your working. There are also links below to some paper-based resources which you can print and work through if you need extra practice.

These resources are written assuming that you have already encountered all these topics in your GCSE course - they do not start from scratch. This should not be a problem, but if you are finding the level too hard you could go back to a GCSE revision book to help you get up to speed.

For some questions in the interactive resources you have to give answers which include powers, fractions, roots and other symbols - there are special editors to let you do this which require Flash Player 8 or higher - you can find out more about them here.

Section Interactive resources Other useful material
Basic Algebra
Interactive resource
for section 1
MEP GCSE Text Book Chapter 1
1.3: Index Notation
1.6: Further Index Notation


MEP GCSE Text Book Chapter 2
2.8: Expansion Of Brackets
2.9: Factorisation


MEP GCSE Text Book Chapter 10
10.3: Simplifying Expressions
10.9: Factorisation 1


Quadratic Functions
Interactive resource
for section 2
MEP GCSE Text Book Chapter 10
10.7: Expanding Brackets
10.10: Factorisation 2
10.11: Solving Quadratic
             Equations by Factorisation
10.12: Solving Quadratic
             Equations by the Formula


Equations And Inequalities
Interactive resource
for section 3
MEP GCSE Text Book Chapter 10
10.8: Simultaneous Linear Equations


MEP GCSE Text Book Chapter 16
16.1: Inequalities on a Number Line
16.2: Solution of Linear Inequalities


Sine Rule And Cosine Rule
(calculator allowed)
Interactive resource
for section 4
MEP GCSE Text Book Chapter 4
4.1–4.8: Trigonometry