Prize Puzzle Competition 13

Closing date is 28th October 1998

37. I am thinking of a 2-digit number which -
When it is divided by 3 the remainder is 1
When it is divided by 4 the remainder is 2
When it is divided by 5 the remainder is 3
When it is divided by 6 the remainder is 4
What number am I thinking of?

38. At a Crazy Sale to raise funds for the local Village Hall, one stall-holder advertised
NINE for 11p
TEN for 9p
TWELVE for 18p
One customer figured out how the system worked, asked for ELEVEN, and passed over the correct money.
How much did the customer pay?

39. There are two cubes.
For both of them, their edge-lengths are a whole number of centimetres.
Curiously, the total of their volumes is exactly equal to the total of all their edge-lengths.
What is their total volume?

The winner of Competition #12 was M. Kathawala of Coventry.
The answers were:

34.3 girls and 4 boys
35.3 999 960
36. 14 by 15
#34 Everyone did this one and there were NO wrong answers.
#35 Not done very well. From the wide variety of answers it looked as though entrants were trying to write them all out and add them rather than look for an organised short cut.
#36 Just over a half got this one correct. It yielded very quickly to a 'trial and error' style of solution.