Prize Puzzle Competition 17

Closing date is 30th June 1999

49. When walking at my normal pace, an exact number of (equal) paces measures out a length of precisely 14.11 metres.
How many paces does it take to do that?

50. 12 children wish to play a game of tag. To decide who is to be the 'chaser' they stand around in a circle and use this counting-out rhyme:
Eena, meena, macker, racker
Rare, ro, domino
Juliacker, alaapacker
Rum, tum, tush.
pointing to each person in turn as each word is said.
The person pointed at on the last word (tush) is out, and the rhyme starts again
on the next person in order, until only one is left, and that is the chaser.
Assume the children are lettered A to L in order around the circle,
and the one selected to be the chaser is F
On which letter did the counting start?

51. The year 1961 was unusual in that, when turned upside down
(or you stood on your head to look at it)
the year number was unchanged.
For which year will this next be true?

The winner of Competition #16 was Paul Hall, Methwold High School, Norfolk
The answers were:

47.250,000 (1 + 999) + (3 + 997) + . . . . . . + (499 + 501)
48. 24 cm The isosceles triangle must be made up of 2 right-triangles (5,12,13)