Prize Puzzle Competition 21

Closing date is 27th February 2000

61. The 9th November 1999 had an unusual feature.
If it was written in the form 9/11/99 then it could be seen that 9 x 11 = 99
Or, in words: day x month = year (Last two digits)
What is the first date in this new century that this will happen?

62. Using the same digit three times, the
number 24 can be made in different ways.
One of the ways is 8 + 8 + 8
Find two other ways of using
three digits (all the same) to make 24

63. The diagram shows a map of all the roads in Squaresville.
Judy lives at A and works at B and likes finding a different route
every time she has to go to work.
(She always takes the most direct route going home!)
Naturally, she always choses a road and a direction which
takes her nearer to (and not away from) her work.
How many different ways can she find of getting to work?
Squaresville map

The winner of Competition #20 was Adam King, King Alfred School, Highbridge
The answers were:

58.(1,8) (2,7) (3,6) (4,5) (9,16) (10,15) (11,14) (12,13)
59.The numbers are placed according to the number of letters they contain in their written form. 13 has eight letters and will need a new line. You could go even further and say it would go on the 6th line of the table.
60. 16 days