Prize Puzzle Competition 26

Closing date is 31st December 2000

76. Each letter of the alphabet is given a points-value according to its position in the alphabet.
So, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 and so on.
Using these values, words are scored by first adding up all the points for each of the separate letters, and then multiplying this total by the number of letters in the word.
So, the word BANK would score
(2 + 1 + 14 + 11) × 4 = 112 points.
Find a word which scores exactly 100 points

77. There is an old story (which is not true) that the person who invented chess asked to be rewarded with a quantity of corn.
The exact quantity to be found by using the chess-board (of 64 squares) as the measure, and counting out
1 grain for the first square,
2 grains for the second square,
4 grains for the third square,
8 grains for the fourth square
and so on, doubling up each time.
Now all that works out to be, in total, an awful lot of corn. More in fact than there is in the whole world. Some versions of the story say that the inventor was executed for being so greedy!
The total amount is a number which is 20 digits long.
However, we do not want to know its value, but only
What is the last (right-hand) digit of that number?

78. These numbers give the sizes of the three edges of a right-angled triangle.
0.2677        129920        234.06
However, that is only true if the correct (metric) units are attached to each of the numbers.
Give the three sizes with their units.

The winner of Competition #25 was Matthew Mikola, York
The answers were:

73.A Red triangle is the last one in the set.
They are the 4 symbols used on English banknotes,
designed to help people with poor sight.
74.34 years (= 30 + 4)
75.(a)   75pi/4 or 58.9 square metres
(b)  781pi/4 or 613.4 square metres.