Data Interpretation - Set 2

World Records for the High Jump (Men)

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1. In which year, and at what height, was the first world record for the high jump set?
2. Which athlete has broken the high jump record the greatest number of times?
In which year (or years) was the record broken the greatest number of times?
4. What is the longest period (in years) for which the record has gone unbeaten?
From which year to which year?
5. In which year was the biggest increase in the record made?
6. Over the whole period for which the records are given, by how many centimetres has the record gone up?
7. What is the average yearly increase in the record over the period given?
8. Given the same average yearly increase as worked out in Question 7, in which year should the record reach 2.50 metres?

9. Make a table showing by how much the record has increased (in centimetres) over each of the periods given below -
1912 to 1924
1924 to 1933
1933 to 1941
1941 to 1953
1953 to 1963
1963 to 1973
1973 to 1983
1983 to 1993

10. Considering each of the periods in Question 9 to be roughly 10-year intervals, make a forecast of what the record might be in 2003.
11. Use the data from the results in Question 9 to make a forecast as to when the record might be 2.50 metres.
Compare this answer with that given for Question 8 and comment on any difference.

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