The Royal Mail Data Post International parcel service accepts parcels up to a maximum size as given in the rules below.

1. Length + height + width must not exceed 900mm

2. None of the length, height, width must exceed 600 mm

Problem 1Which of the following parcels would be accepted for this service:
a)l = 620 mm,h = 120 mm,w = 150 mm;
b)l = 500 mm,h = 350 mm,w = 150 mm;
c)l = 550 mm,h = 100 mm,w = 150 mm ?

Problem 2A picture with frame, 610mm by 180mm, is to be placed diagonally in a rectangluar box as shown.

Find suitable dimensions for the box so that it would be accepted for the Data Post service.
Problem 3A long thin tube is to be sent by Data Post.

What is the largest possible length that can be sent?

ExtensionWhat are the dimensions of the rectangular box of maximum volume that can be sent through the Data Post service?

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