Working with the Dynamic Perpendicular Quadrilateral in a Whole Class Setting

Supporting Students in Developing a Hierarchical Classification of the Kites.


  • Susan Kathleen Forsythe Open University


This paper describes how a dynamic figure was used as the basis for a task designed to support students in developing the hierarchical classification of the kites and their subsets. Following on from a previous study using the task with pairs of students, I describe how I embedded the task into a pedagogical sequence of activities, which included class discussion and an animation of the dynamic figure. The findings from this study, essentially the final iteration of a larger Design Based Research study, show how the task can be effectively used in a whole class context. The dynamic nature of the figure together with the narrative descriptions of what happens to the figure under dragging can be shown to be valuable in the development of geometrical concepts and in particular the inclusion of the rhombus as a subset of the kites.