M E P Numeracy Summer School - Materials

This material was first produced for use in the Numeracy Summer Schools which were run by some MEP schools in 1999. Much of it was re-written in the light of that experience and will be used in the sessions planned for the summer of 2000.
Whilst it is made freely available for the use of others, the copyright in all of this remains the property of the CIMT at the University of Exeter.
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An Overview: Syllabus & Lesson Objectives [23]
Plans for Lessons:1 - 3 [34]
4 - 6 [30]
7 - 9 [32]
10 - 13 [37]
Resources for Lessons:1 - 3 [74]
4 - 6 [58]
7 - 9 [100]
10 - 13 [140]
MEP Number Cruncher [24]
The MEP Number Cruncher has only just been added to the site (27 May 2004) and we don't yet have completely clear details of how it is supposed to be used. It appears to be a way of allowing pupils to form and show large numbers. The seven "digit" strips should be cut out and scissors should be used to cut along the dashed lines on the "place values" strip. The "digit" strips can then be slid through the two slots on each place value, allowing pupils to create different numbers. We have contacted the original authors to check if this is correct and will update this note when we have the information.
Mental Tests [25]
Shape & Space Activities [67]
Homework Book [290]
Diary [43]
Lesson Evaluation Sheet [26]
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