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The Centre is keen to exploit the potential that exists with the internet for the effective but cheap dissemination of suitable resources. To this end we plan to expand our bank of resources as rapidly as possible, concentrating initially on certain topic areas.

We intend to develop for the public domain,

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Worksheets currently available are

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Bar Codes1 - Genetic FingerprintingTin Can Design
Pipelines2 - PostcodesDrinks Cans
Posting Parcels3 - Time ZonesWavy Edges

4 - BirthdaysTransportation

5 - Recurring DecimalsReduction Mill

6 - Dipstick ProblemCoil Feed Line
Data Interpretation - 17 - Hill walking
Data Interpretation - 28 - Minimum WrappingScheduling Aircraft

Scheduling Pilots

Flight Charges

Topics in Using and Applying Mathematics ~ Introduction